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Lock washers

The original lock washers were developed as reliable and economical screw locking devices that fulfill the basic principle of the disc spring for a force-fitting connection and also supplement it with positive locking. Original lock washers are used wherever loosening of a screw connection due to vibration must be avoided.


  • Lock washers “S”

    Our original lock washer type “S” is suitable as a screw lock for normal screw connections. They are available in dimensions M 1.6 to M 36.

    Of course, special dimensions and special materials are also possible if required. The Schnorr lock washers are available as catalog items, usually immediately available, in stainless steel, galvanized, blackened and with a zinc lamellar coating.

    Advantages of the original lock washers S and VS

    • High vibration resistance thanks to positive locking of the helical teeth on both sides
    • No bending moments due to the concentric application of force
    • No chip formation due to sliding surfaces on the teeth
    • Extremely high safety potential against loss of preload force and loosening of the screw connection.
    • No bursting effect when putting on. The prerequisite is a correct transition radius between the shaft and head
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