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Your specialist for machined parts and springs

The Company

Machine component

We are a future-oriented company and have been exploiting synergies in the automotive and agricultural machinery industries since 1989. We convince with know-how, reliability, flexibility and motivation!

CP Industrievertretungen GmbH sees itself as an “all in one” service provider. Together with our technical experts, for example to check your requirements or drawings, through the preparation of offers and order processing to transport and logistics. With our certified partners, no wish remains unfulfilled. No matter how high the requirements may be, CP Industrievertretungen GmbH is your reliable partner on all your journeys.

Use synergies sensibly. We are proud that we work successfully with our long-standing national and international partners. This is the only way we have managed to supply our customers in Europe with high-quality turned and milled parts, cast parts, welded parts, technical springs such as tension and compression springs, disc springs, lock washers and spring tines, but also customer-specific components and complex assemblies and sustainably to build trust.

Your Supplier


We are your supplier for complex assemblies, turned and milled parts, technical springs, molded parts, components, disc springs, tension washers and lock washers

CP Industrievertretungen GmbH draws on a broad network that has been constantly developing with us since the company was founded. We are not afraid to take new paths, identify future markets in good time and use new technologies in order to always be able to respond to constantly changing market situations. The CPI is a sales partner for national and international companies.

Your Supplier


Disc Springs & Washers 
  • Disc Springs

  • Washers

  • Saftey Washers

  • Ball bearing Springs

  • others

Spring tines & Pick up Tines
  • Spring tines

  • Rake tines

  • Hay tines

  • Pick ups

  • Tension springs

  • Compression springs

Machining Parts
  • Forgings

  • Turning, milling, drilling

  • Punching and grinding

  • Slotting and thread cutting

  • Welding


Meet the Team

My name is Jens Bartenschlager. I was born in July 1980 in Germany. After completing two vocational training courses, I completed a year abroad in 2004 in Australia. In 2005, Mubea (Muhr and Bender) started implementing an outsourcing process in the automotive sector, including quality assurance and project management. In 2006, I passed the examination as an internal auditor before moving on to project management and also technical sales.

Three years later, in 2009, I completely focused my attention on sales management. In 2010, I became a senior executive and took over the

automotive sales management.

Another three years later, in 2013, I was given the overall sales management of the company, so that not only the automotive sector but

also the agricultural machinery industry was my responsibility.

At the beginning of 2016 I took over the CP Industrievertretungen GmbH from Mr. Christian Piesch, founder of the company.

With almost 30 years of sales experience, we exploit synergies in the areas of agricultural machinery and the automotive industry.

In 2024 I founded JB Consultings UG, which exclusively takes care of sales activities.

Jens Bartenschlager
Feel Good Manager


Feel Good Manager

Jens Bartenschlager





Get in touch with us!


CP Industrievertretungen GmbH

Jens Bartenschlager

Marie Jorns Ring 119
D- 30559 Hannover


Tel: +49.160.4485617





Thanks for joining us!


Legal Notice

Registered office of the company:

CP Industrievertretungen GmbH
Marie-Jorns-Ring 119
30559 Hanover

Tel.: +49 511.45 90 318

Managing Director:

Jens Bartenschlager


Registration court:

Hanover District Court

Registration number:

HRB 52815

Sales tax identification no.:

DE 334695700

Note on dispute insertion procedures in front of a consumer arbitration board (§ 36 VSBG - Consumer Dispute Settlement Act):
According to applicable law, we are obliged to indicate the existence of the European online dispute settlement platform, which was set up for the resolution of disputes by the EU Commission. You can find the European online dispute resolution platform at Under the following link you will also find the contact details of the official dispute settlement points:

In the absence of our company's legal obligation to participate in dispute insertion procedures in front of a consumer arbitration board, we also share that we are generally not willing to take part in such dispute settlement procedures in front of a consumer arbitration board. Furthermore, due to legal requirements, we also point to the email address of our company, which is as follows:

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