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Surface / Treatment

Coatings and surface protection

Surface Coating

We can provide a full-service surface coating facility, resulting in high-quality rust-free parts and components. All surface coating and processes are carried out in accordance with ISO DIN or any other desired standards.


The capacity encompasses:

Electroplating / Galvanizing (Fe/Zn Blue, Yellow, )


Chrome VI Free

Powder Coating

Hot Dip Galvanization


Chrome, Nickel Coating

Dacromet & Geomet


It is a critical stage in the production process which includes final control of manufactured products before adding protection and afterwards visual inspection. Within this phase final packaging and labelling is included and goods are being forwarded to logistics, ready to be delivered.

Processes of surface protection include in house powder coating or galvanizing in cooperation. Product marking is also available by printing desired logo. 



In order to increase spring durability, surface treatment is performed by shot peening. A process that generates plastic deformation on the surface of the material. Result is extended service life of a component due to resistance to fatigue and cracks development.

For components, in case of demand for smoother surface with fewer physical imperfections and flaws, we use sand blasting.

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