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Industrielle Maschinen

A high-quality end product is our goal in the production of spring tines made of carbon steel wire UNI EN 10270-1 SH or SM for hay tedders, hay spreaders, hay rakes, rakes, rakes, seeders, harrows, large balers, pickups, combine harvesters as well as for soil cultivation and preparation.

The normal work process includes heat treatment and powder coating, so that long-lasting products can be guaranteed.

Ball irradiation is carried out on request to combat the effects of the multiple stresses to which the components are exposed and to significantly increase the service life.

The production cycle closes with the packaging line, where the products are packed in boxes or small boxes, and with the labeling line, which allows the spring tines and packages to be personalized with a logo and barcode, making them recognizable and traceable.

Laser marking is also available upon request.





  • Ein Heuwender ist ein landwirtschaftliches Gerät, das bei der Heuernte eingesetzt wird. Mit Hilfe des Heuwenders wird das Gras oder Heu auf der Wiese gewendet. Das Wenden ist ein wichtiger Schritt, um die Qualität des Futters zu gewährleisten.

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